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Apr 18, 2019

Twitter is flooded with broken Galaxy Folds, an art historian might have the keys to the Notre Dame’s restoration, and documents show Mark Zuckerberg’s willingness to play with your data.

Apr 17, 2019

YouTube flags the Notre Dame fire as misinformation, a 24-year-old engineer is changing lives with his 3D printed prosthetic limbs, and Twitter goes down memory lane.

Apr 16, 2019

Scientists unveil the world’s first 3D-printed rabbit-sized heart, a new study highlights Russia’s increasing efforts to hack global navigation satellite systems, and Samsung’s foldable phone is shown off for the first time.

Apr 15, 2019

Samsung fixes Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor; Sony shows off 16K display; researchers find five flaws in WPA3

Apr 13, 2019

We're trying something new and doing a weekend roundup of all the stories from Hashtag Trending that we featured over the week. Let us know what you think of the new, longer weekend episode. Do you like it? Hate it? Want it in its own RSS feed? Tweet us @itworldca and let us know.