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Dec 29, 2017

OK Google, invest my savings into BitCoin - which could exceed $100,000 in market value next year. And financial institutions will need to step up their cyber security game.

Dec 28, 2017

Smart assistants are going to be adopted faster than smartphones, they’ll be embedded in everything, and they’ll have lots of bad apps. 

We’re closing out 2017 by predicting what tech topics will be trending in 2018. 


Dec 27, 2017

Get ready for reporting breaches of your security safeguards if you’re covered under federal law; the Trudeau government will release the latest federal cyber security plan and be prepared for more imaginative cyber attacks.

Welcome to a special edition of Hashtag Trending. We’re closing out 2017 by predicting what...

Dec 26, 2017

Self-driving cars will be tested on public roads next year, the first autonomous vehicle you get in will be a ride-sharing taxi, and be prepared for a mass vehicle hacking scandal.

We’re closing out 2017 by predicting what will trend in 2018. 

Dec 22, 2017

Apple admits to slowing down your old iPhone. A beverage company’s stock nearly quadruples after it announces a pivot to blockchain. And in a year with the Emoji Movie, Netflix has apparently produced the worst film of 2017.