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Aug 31, 2019

Weekly Roundup - August 26th to 30th

Aug 30, 2019

Apple reverses its stance on iPhone repairs, some tips on proper coffee shop etiquette for those who write in them a lot, and research finds heavy Facebook users make impaired decisions like drug addicts.

Aug 29, 2019

Apple to stop listening to your voice commands, popular Android app has a deadly payload, social media impares decision making?

Aug 28, 2019

Using phones during breaks can prevent your brain from resting, Apple re-issues a security patch, Tim Cook pledges to help save the Amazon rainforest.

Aug 27, 2019

Companies ask tech giants Apple and Amazon to think about the planet, Harvard says it can use machine learning to predict who is going to quit their job next, and a robotic exosuit that can boost your ability to walk and run.