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Feb 28, 2024

OpenAI says the New York Times “hacked” ChatGPT to generate misleading evidence. Apple pulls the plug on its electric car. Wendy’s experiments with “surge pricing”. Meta is monitoring and collecting data on users of its Quest headset. And Your Voice is Power teaches indigenous youth about coding, music and...

Feb 27, 2024

Will AI give us a four-day workweek?  The CEO of Nvidia says it's time to stop teaching the kids to code. Are companies spying on you in your Teams and Slack chats? And how much does it cost to make the VisionPro headset?


Feb 26, 2024

A cybersecurity firm selling your data? AT&T says a flawed network update caused last week’s major outage. Self checkout may be watching you more closely using AI. And Microsoft has announced that updates may no longer force you to reboot your computer. 


Feb 24, 2024

Whether it's in marketing, sales, product development, operation or finance every aspect of a modern company depends on data and in the digital economy, data is everything. But here's the brutal reality. This is not something that companies do well. In fact, if data is so important to companies why is it that anywhere...

Feb 23, 2024

Companies are hiring for IT jobs in Canada but long hiring processes may have them losing top talent. Intel is set to split into two companies to become the "foundry for the world." A U.S. nation-wide outage affects AT&T and other carriers and a blog post about the benefits of job hopping goes viral on LinkedIn.