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Oct 22, 2021

Donald Trump is launching a social media platform, Canadians may be living “The American Dream,” and fake vaccine cards are circulating on social media.

Oct 21, 2021

Facebook is planning a name change, Google plans to add a new feature to its Play Store, and Instagram users will finally be able to make posts via desktop.

Oct 20, 2021

Google announces Pixel 6 devices, Facebook settles U.S. worker discrimination claims, and Amazon could be trouble with U.S. lawmakers

Oct 19, 2021

Google’s CEO warns we’re running out of time on the Climate Crisis, Facebook disputes a claim that says their AI can’t deal with hate speech, and Apple drops a new MacBook Pro.

Oct 18, 2021

Starlink is in talks with commercial airlines to provide in-flight Wi-Fi service, Canon facing a class-action lawsuit over disabling printers, and ransomware attacks cause billions in damages.